Reasons China is favorite tourist attraction

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If you’re looking for an exotic destination, full of visions, experiences, motivations and especially different. Then China is the best place to be in the world. There are a lot of reasons why China is favourite tourist attraction. You will surely fall in love with this place.

China is not only someplace you will spend holidays. But it is a place where you can see a nation very different from your country.

Why China is favourite tourist attraction

Below are the explanations why China must be at top of the must to visit places list.

1. The richest culture in world

China is one of 4 ancient societies dating from more than 3 thousand years. It has the richest culture in the world.

Chinese is superior to others because of its creativity and complexity. Tai chi and Kung fu also better in Thai boxing taekwondo and karate.

Think of the Chinese cultures of tea, food, medicine, calligraphy, poetry, opera, fashion, festivals, pottery. Before thinking of hundreds of cultural minorities.

2. Most amazing heritage

The vast and astonishing treasures of China transcend all other states in number and size. From antique forts to the Great Wall, to the city walls, buried militaries, waterways, temples, pagodas and shrines and giant statues.

The things that you will see in China, you will not see anywhere else.

3. Most amazing and varied natural wonders

For natural beauty, China is bigger, more diverse and more remarkable than any other state in the world, if that matters to you.

For instance, the fabulous yellow mountains, its sea of clouds, rocks and charismatic trees, the Jiuzhaigou lakes, the floating pandora piers to Zhangjiajie, the Guilin’s charming Karst, the Tiger Leaping gorge – the world’s highest and the most magnificent plateau of Tibet.

4. The greatest variety of the food in world

Chinese cuisine is well-known all over the world. However, it is doubtful to discover Chinese cuisine when tasting a variety of surprising ingredients, so you must try these foods China.

Every area offers exclusive dishes. Some special dishes to try are the rice noodles in Guilin, dim sum in Hong Kong, spicy hotpot in Chengdu, Beijing roast duck, and Shanghainese soup dumplings. That is why China is favourite tourist attraction.

5. The adorable and beautiful giant Pandas

Loveable giant Panda does not live outside of captivity anywhere other in the world. This is the most endangered species in the world. China’s “national treasure” is going crazy with its round characteristics and unique cuddly appearance.

The Panda Ride allows you to enjoy the adorable Panda. Become a panda keeper. Capture pictures with a panda. You can also go with the panda experts to meet the Wild Panda in their natural environment.

If you have been looking for a place to travel and this is the first time you are going to travel, then China is favourite tourist attraction. Other than the above-mentioned reasons, there are a lot of other things that you will love about China. People who visit China end up falling in love with its beauty and heritage.

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