Places you should visit in Asia

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When you talk about places you should visit in Asia during your holidays. It may not be the first place which you is pop in your mind but many other places. But if you think to visit Asia then you many know about all of its beautiful places which you must have to visit. Here we discuss some of them and you must visit one of them in your tour.

Places to visit in Asia

1. Tiger’s Nest Temple, Bhutan

It is a horror and scary place on a very rocky cliff which is about three thousand feet above from earth. Legends have it, from about one thousand and three hundred years ago. Guru Rinpoche was on the upper part of the tigress and it is also the Bhutanese to the religion of Buddhism also in this place as well. You must have to visit this place because the most gorgeous location of it. All we can say that this place is unique and worthy.

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Here we talk about Cambodia and a capital of province. It is one of the most famous sites or scenes to visit for visitors in the Angkor Wat Temple. After that, they also have many more museums, temples, many of old and traditional markets and also have a cultural town present there. With also many other visitor attraction places. And it is much larger place and don’t feel crowded with people. Here visitors are able to notice their culture, religion and locals of theirs.

4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is the place which is famous as the capital of Malaysia. It is most visited place because of many places and things to see and to do. The architecture ranges from their traditional to modern culture. Visitors love to watch the traditions of them including their modern things. And the most visited places are the Petronas, twin tower, china town and the Buta Caves include central markets

5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

 As we talk about one of the world’s greatest site, this is must visited by many of people. And very famous and one of the largest because it contains over three thousand islands and have many of floating towns their and more than two thousand people would live there. To take the greater view of water you should visit and live there for a while. And I guarantee you that it is would be an extraordinary experience for you. And you also be able to thankful for the beauty of nature.

6. Danxia Landform, China

This landscape which is very beautiful and unique to China. Formed by very strong forces and also by sand stones. This is also the best landscape list on year of 2012. You must see this location by yourself.

If you have been planning to visit the Asia for a long time and now you have finally decided to go there, then you should visit the above-mentioned places. They are considered to be the best spots to visit in Asia.

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