Wouter Martens

Hi, my name is Wouter... or « wuotr » online. I'm a 28- year old app developer, UX enthusiast and music / movie / serie lover. I'm currently working at iCapps in Antwerp, Belgium.

Hello world!

Welcome on my brand new website. Nice, isn’t it? It’s just another Ghost blog I know, but still...

Why Ghost?

I chose this platform mainly because it seems a quick, simple and easy blogging solution. Secondly, it utilises the awesome MarkDown syntax for creating articles (which I like a lot). Hopefully both factors will have me writing a blog post from time to time. But I'm as curious as you whether they'll succeed, héhe :-D.

About me

I’ll write down a wee bit about myself because this first post wouldn't have a real purpose otherwise. I'm a 26- year old iOS developer, UX enthusiast and music / movie and serie lover. Ever since my childhood I have been creating, discovering and sharing digital experiences. Therefore I went to study "Multimedia and Communication Technologies" at Howest University College in 2007. From then, I got even more interested in every technology or device I can do cool things with.

I'd call myself an "interactive experience engineer", but most people go with geek.

Thus I started my professional carreer in the so-called creative industry at Nascom, a web-agency located in Genk, Belgium. After building interactive webapps and online campaings for a couple of years over there, Apple released the iPhone 4 - my very first iPhone. The nifty device caused me to dive into the world of mobile software development, a place I still like a lot today. I just love to create digital utilities people control and experience with their bare hands and fingers. And the job title "App Developer" sounds übercool, no? So currently I’m employed as an iOS expert at iCapps in Antwerp (Belgium as well), a way of living I'll stick to for a while... I think ;-).

There you go. A little post, but enough for now methinks. See you soon!